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Neil Patel
Co-founder of Neil Patel Digital

Grow Your Organic Traffic without the hassle of creating more content or backlinks

How does ClickFlow help?

Clarity on content

Predictable traffic growth

Seamless A/B testing

Use the built in AI recommendations to focus on content that ranks

Consistently identify stale content that is weighing down your site's organic performance

Discover low-hanging fruit opportunities and test to improve CTR and traffic

ClickFlow Improves Your Content In Minutes

Step 1

Automate Title Tag & Meta Description Split Tests

Discover which pages on your site are already ranking in search, but earning a low share of user clicks.

Write better, more enticing title tags and meta descriptions, then run split tests in ClickFlow to win more organic traffic.

Step 2

Optimize Your Content for Google's Biggest Ranking Factors

Step 3

Identify “Content Decay” and Refresh Old Posts to Win Back Traffic

Do you know which pages on your site have been declining in SEO traffic over time?

The Content Decay report gives you a ranked list of pages you ought to refresh to win back traffic quickly.


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What other SEOs are saying

Christine Austin

Creative Lead, IMPACT

“I still feel excited whenever I run my experiments. Since the tests run for around 15 days, it’s enjoyable to see results so quickly (especially if they are positive ones). The tool makes it easy to start valuable tests that HubSpot and many tools do not. It also offers suggestions so you aren’t left confused where you should start. For us here at IMPACT, we easily give this amazing tool 5 out of 5 stars and will be using it for ourselves, recommending it to our clients, and recommending it to anybody who asks us about it. It really is quite awesome.”

“Typically, if you are monitoring changes with Google Analytics or Search Console, it can take much more time because you have to actually check back all the time to see how changes are performing. ClickFlow saves us a ton of time finding opportunities, monitoring changes and reporting on results — even if we’re testing dozens of pages. We also found ClickFlow to be very easy to learn — the UX is simple and modern. It took like 10 minutes to learn. Not difficult at all. It's one of the easiest tools we use.”

Wilson Calil

Director of Inbound Marketing, Primary Arms

Dan Carpenter

Owner, SCP Survival


Starter: $109/month

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For sites with up to 50k/month organic traffic

Tiered pricing is available for larger sites

A 20% increase of traffic on a 50k/month site could cost $27,000 each month on Google Ads.*

Getting started with ClickFlow is easy! 

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❌   Your team spends hours per month on manual research and guesswork for content that doesn't rank.

❌   You scour your site to find stale content that's dropped off in rankings.

❌   Finally you waste more hours running reports from GSC to see if CTR has improved from a title change.

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Discover related keywords to include in your content, publish the most comprehensive posts in your space, and climb faster in the SERP.

The Content Editor tool reduces the back-and-forth between SEOs and content writers. Simply enter a Target Keyword, invite your writer, and let Content Editor grade (and level up) their content for SEO.

✔️  Use Content Editor to quickly find questions and search terms that help get you in front of your clients.

✔️   Allow ClickFlow to analyze your site and alert you of stale content automatically.

✔️   Connect your site's GSC to ClickFlow and set up a CTR experiment in under 2 minutes.

Old Way 😫

New Way 🤑

*based on overall average Google Ads CPC of $2.69 in 2020